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Shower Hug Review and Giveaway

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 by by JM Guest Blogger

When I returned home after having a c-section with my second baby I was looking forward to enjoying a shower in my own home.  I had received the Cherub Shower Hug to review and was pretty excited to get to try it out, as my milk had come in that morning and my nipples were sore and cracked already due to latching problems.  As I was about to hop in the shower, I was faced with a major dilemma…whether to use the Shower Hug to cover my c-section staples, or use it to cover my sore nipples and engorged breasts!!!

showerhugI ended up using it to cover my nipples but did also use it to cover my c-section incision at a later shower.  Something so simple has turned out to be pretty useful.  The Shower Hug is a soft velour fabric that Velcro’s together to make a snug fit.  It has many uses, such as (more…)