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Since there’s no place to go.. let it snow…

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 by by

As of around 10pm last night, we officially have snow – for once the weather forecast was right.

the snow at midnight

We had some little sleet showers on and off all day, and then I checked outside at one point and there had been a little flurry.  I hoped that wasn’t all we would get though… Emersyn woke up at midnight.  I looked outside and WE HAD SNOW….  It looked beautiful, and even though it was ‘dark’ outside, it still looked pretty light because of all the glorious snow that had fallen.  I took some photos in case it disappeared before the morning and Gaby missed out on seeing it.  In the end I woke her up and told her to look outside, so at least if it did disappear, she could say she’d seen the snow on the ground

Gaby’s first proper time in the snow

I was almost (more…)


Blizzard 2011

Sunday, February 20th, 2011 by by

Groundhog day this year brought a blizzard of activities in our homeschool: we studied the word blizzard and how to look it up in a dictionary, then did various snow science experiments such as timing and observing a gallon of snow melting (they were amazed how little water is left after the snow shrinks away), measuring how much water expands when it freezes into ice, dying snow with food coloring, and more. We also tried this delicious snow ice cream recipe, which the kids had a lot of fun with!


5 things to do with a snowed in toddler

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 by by

The roads outside are icy. The snow is still falling. Daddy’s going to be home late from work. The kids are driving us batty! What are we supposed to do with our toddlers when we’re snowed in? Here are a few ideas.

1. Have a pajama dance party: Stay in your warm PJ’s, crank the music up, and bust out your best moves. Break out your music instruments, kazoos, shakers, and noise makers and play along with the music as you dance.

2. Play in the snow (inside!): Fill a large baking dish or plastic tub with snow. If you live anywhere in the midwest at the present moment, you probably don’t even have to step a foot outside to reach enough snow to put in your pan! Place the pan on a tiled area, and have towels handy. Provide spoons, toy cars, measuring cups, and other fun objects for your child to bury, dig, drive, and build in the snow!

Beautiful Snow

Saturday, January 29th, 2011 by by

We had a beautiful snow day yesterday, and this is the final product from the back deck. I love when it falls on the trees. So beautiful.

I believe final totals were 13 inches. Poor puppy can’t get out to potty.



I hate snow days.

Thursday, January 27th, 2011 by by

I hate the ones where all the snow is cleared up by like 9, there was no ice on the roads, and school doesn’t even open late – just stays closed all day. What. The. Hell. I never got this many freaking snow days off when I was the boys’ age. Top it all off – every child in my house is being a brat. Yes, you heard me right, a brat. I have no hesitation in calling my children brats or any other names that applies when they act like one. Yes, I always love them, no, I don’t always particularly enjoy them. Being stuck inside, not from snow and cold but because of vast amounts of mud, on a school day that isn’t a school day with them, and having to lay down John’s law of “You will not leave your room except to eat and go to the bathroom until your room is clean” epically blows. As a result I have a huge mother of all evil headache, an extra cranky toddler (thanks boys for not letting her sleep), and two whiney bratty boys who are fighting in their room. And nope – I’m not going to go in there and break it up either.

Stupid snow days.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like … Canada.

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 by by


Growing up, the words “snow day” were something out of movies and books, pretty much. I would hear tales of school being canceled due to snow, and I would think to myself, “They cancel school just because it snowed??” Yeah, it’s a little crazy to me. Of course, I grew up in Canada – and not anywhere near the southern border, either. I remember wearing my snowsuit to the first day of school – and I swear to you that’s not an exaggeration, though it wasn’t common either. I lost a few teeth on the sledding hill by the playground at school (an absolute tragedy, though thankfully, the Tooth Fairy pulled through even though my tooth was lost in the ice and snow forever), and I trick-or-treated with a costume built into and over my snowsuit.

And these fictional kids in a fictional world took the entire day off just because of some snow? You’re kidding, right? (more…)

Snow Day

Thursday, January 13th, 2011 by by




We got snow last night. Not much, but then it doesn’t take much to send where I live in a tizzy of panic over the thought of ice and snow storms, not that we get them often mind you. lol But nonetheless, school was canceled today (tomorrow too). This did not make Ryan happy at all today’s his birthday and it was supposed to be his special day at school and the stupid snow had to go and ruin it all. How rude. He got over it quickly enough though. Because hell, day ruin-er or not, it’s snow, and he’s five. lol Zach of course was ecstatic. The weirdo loves snow. Ryan does for only 5, maybe 10, minutes. This was the first time Belly has been big enough to go out and play in the snow. At first she was just as excited as the boys. She was laughing and chatting about it until she first stepped in it – then she wasn’t too sure about it at all. But as she watched the boys play in it she got more into the spirit of it. She picked some up, tried to show it, stamped her feet in it, giggled, clapped, had all around fun for like three minutes – then slipped and landed face first in it. But it was ok, she came up laughing. A few minutes later when she did it again, she was not too happy with it. The third time she went down she started screaming and kept the screaming up until she got in the house and de-snowed. When the boys went back out about an hour later she was more than happy to stand at the back door and laugh at them and yell at them through the door.



We didn’t get much….

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 by by

Snow that is. The huge blizzard missed us and we only got a dusting, but I think my kids still enjoyed it, don’t you :) Also, I don’t know who had more fun, the kids or the husband!
Will was in some kind of zone driving this tractor. Yes, he was still driving, kinda–it was just going round and round
Snow fight!!! (more…)

Snow, snow go away. Don’t come back another day.

Monday, February 1st, 2010 by by

So, it started snowing and sleeting Thursday night… and has been ever since. Welcome to global warming. I am utterly disgusted. I don’t like cold or wet, and I’m getting both. Bleh. I packed up me and the kiddos Thursday morning so that in case the weatherman was right (which he rarely is mind you) we could be snowed in at my mom’s and not at home. Its been miserable the whole time. Zach has been sick for a few days, and we were hoping it wasn’t anything serious, but he’s now got a runny nose, a hacking cough, fever, and is losing his voice. Well, Thursday night he started screaming and crying because he woke up and his ear was hurting so bad. Poor boy is miserably sick, and on top of that, unlike his brother (and mom…) he loves the snow. He’s been asking since last winter when would it snow and its killing him that he can’t go out in it. But he seems to be feeling worse, but its not like we can get him out to the doctor’s, my van is buried under and around snow and ice on top of a steep steep driveway. To make matters worse Bella has started running a fever. Her nose is also running, with the same hacking cough and wheezy breathing. You can literally feel her chest rattling when she breathes. I’m afraid (more…)

Snow Day

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 by by

We finally – finally!! – got some snow this weekend. I have been craving snow for a while; really, for most of December. It is so hard, so foreign, for me to get into the Christmas spirit without even the slightest bit of white on the ground! All over the continent, people have been getting 2, 6, 12 inches of snow, and here we have had nothing.

Well, now we got about an inch, and Eric and I will take what we can get! With Danny’s nose being all runny and him acting a little sick, I decided to let him stay in the warmth for this trip; even Eric and I didn’t stay out for too long. He is obsessed with snow though, and for the first day kept announcing that because it’s snowy outside, it must be Christmas, and we can open presents. (more…)