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Spiderman Family Movie Night Activities and Crafts

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 by by

Can I just tell you that I am utterly amazed with what you can do with technology these days. I feel like an old fart saying that but really I was amazed with all that one can do with the Amazing Spider-Man movie apps, “scavenger hunt” and comic book fun that I shared with you below. Now that I am over being an old fart, I want to share with you something that is dear to my heart Family Nights.

My oldest son loves everything about family movie nights and it’s not just that he gets to eat popcorn, watch tv, or stay up late but it’s of utter importance to him that we are all sitting together enjoying the movie.  He always says after his request for family movie night and a dance party, “I want all of us to do this together.” I am thankful for his love for family.

I want to encourage us busy parents to make time for family fun and don’t worry about spending tons of money or planning a huge event just make it simple by making it a movie night or even a game night. Make up games use board games whatever floats your boat but do make time for each other.

Since my  boys love all things Spiderman I will be sharing about a Family Movie Night starring Spider-Man.  The Amazing Spider-Man Movie is the talk of the town and you can even pre-order it if you can’t wait for the release date.  Read the reviews or watch a preview to get a feel of the content of the movie and the age appropriateness of the movie. (more…)