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Making Flowers with Scrubbing Sponges

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 by by
Spring is upon us, and we are scheduled for a few days of rain in my Northern California town. My girls like the rain, because they know that it helps flowers to grow, and they LOVE flowers. Today we will be making flowers using paint and scrubbing sponges.
Supplies you will need:
  • Paint
  • Scrubbing sponges
  • Paper
  • Green marker
  • Paper plate



Friday Five: The Changes of Springtime

Friday, March 30th, 2012 by by


Our awesomely sunny week of 80+ degree temperatures has come to a dreary end.  It is gray and rainy and cooler…but still humid??  Basically it’s all of my least favorite weather combined into one icky day!

1) This Wednesday we drove out to visit my mom again.  My dad was substitute teaching so we missed seeing him.  I really wish I could convince my parents to move closer to us.  With no close friends around during the day, it was kind of nice to have my mom to pal around with instead.  So much in my old neighborhood has changed, but at the same time, so much has remained the same.

This is my old high school:

And this is the house where I grew up: (more…)

Here Comes the Sun

Friday, May 20th, 2011 by by

It really was a long cold winter. It finally feels more like spring around here. The children and I have been thoroughly enjoying the weather. No more snow pants. No more mittens. It’s bliss.

One day, we were lucky enough to catch the garbage truck emptying the bins at the apartment building. B. probably gets the most excited out of all five of them. He jumps up and down saying “Boom!” and anticipating the truck’s actions.

These three have front row seats! All hail the garbage truck.

I am absolutely thrilled that we are able to play on the grass now without worrying about stepping in dog poop. (more…)

Keeping busy

Saturday, May 7th, 2011 by by

Well as many of you know we have been OVERLOADED and busy……I’m so happy it’s spring finally. Other than all the ticks – which I can’t understand why it’s so bad this year – we’re enjoying the outdoors. My only issue is the ticks – we live in critter country!

We found a new park to play in over in Elk Neck forest. Deez had a blast running through the woods and playing. She loves to just run. She is great at staying close to us though, and when we call her, she is right back at our heels.



Getcha Stunna Shades On

Saturday, March 5th, 2011 by by
Last night, the smell of barbecue chicken filled up our backyard for the first time this year.  “More barbecue chicken, please!!!” was the chorus at our dinner table.  The barbecue was just another addition to the sundresses, flip flops, and sunglasses that have become the norm around here lately.  While the snow is falling back home, we’re slowly getting tan lines on our shoulders!  No complaining here.  We are all feeling this warm “winter” weather and sunshine.  And the kids are quite obviously enjoying accessorizing accordingly, whether indoors or out.



Thursday, April 29th, 2010 by by

In this photo I believe that I am at a baseball game and  I think that the dark figure may be my child.  I do recognize that this is chain-link fence, so actually…I might be in prison.  Or a mental hospital.
I’m kind of hoping for one of the latter because then I know there will be drugs.  And possibly sleep.

Forget the winter of our discontent, I nominate spring as the real bringer of the year’s great depression.

You may have been asking yourself where I’ve been during the month of April, (since it certainly hasn’t been here on my blog), and I’ll be happy to tell you that I’ve been living in a Talking Heads’ song.  In particular the one that has the line, “You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile,” because in no particular order I’ve been: (more…)

Spring has sprung!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010 by by

Over here in these parts, spring has officially arrived. The trees are blooming and growing new leaves. The pollen is in the air giving everything a nice, yellow coating (ok, it really isn’t nice). The weather is beautiful and perfect for spending time outside.

And that is exactly what we have been doing. I take the kids out once or twice a day for about 1-2 hours. We are working on our supply of outdoor toys and are looking forward to some of their b-day presents as we know they will provide hours upon hours of fun. A mommy can hope for this, right?

Grandma Donna got a really good deal on this glider at Christmas time.  I think the kids will enjoy sitting in it and making tents. Great place to cool off!

And then we have the really cool picnic table (more…)


Spring Plowing

Sunday, March 14th, 2010 by by

It’s that time of year. And this year, I’m so thankful. (more…)

We Love Spring!

Saturday, March 13th, 2010 by by

Yes, it’s true: we love spring. Fall is pretty good too, any of those days where the weather is truly nice and not miserable cold or miserable hot. Summer is not a favorite because the heat makes it SO hard to do anything outside for very long! But in the spring – oh, the spring! – we can easily lose an hour or more at the park.

That’s where we’ve been…a lot. We spent a good while there (more…)

Seven Things For Spring

Thursday, March 11th, 2010 by by