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Sofi is recovering well!

Monday, July 11th, 2011 by by

The procedure took 26 minutes. I’m not even sure she was asleep for that whole time. That’s just how long we weren’t with her. It was that quick, an now she has a new belly button.

Yesterday, she was very uncomfortable. She didn’t want to walk or straighten out. We have kept up with her pain meds, as suggested. It seems to keep the discomfort away. I think by this evening, we will have her on ibuprofen.

She seems to be doing very well with it. She wasn’t even afraid when they took her away. Todd & I really worked on not making a big deal out of it. We told her she was going to get a new belly button. She chose to have a PINK one and made sure Dr. B knew. Nina, the anesthesiologist, came to explain to Sofi that she was going to breathe in pixie dust & feel like she was flying. The mask even smelled like bubble gum. And had glitter. AND…was full of stickers! She thought it was the coolest.thing.ever. They also gave her a teddy bear & Dora stickers.

This girl was in Heaven. I’m telling you, she loved the attention!

She was wheeled out to recovery, and we were literally back there within a minute to see our baby girl. She wasn’t crying too much, although she was fussy. Todd cuddled her a bit, and then I picked her up & rocked her.

After we felt she was “awake” enough, it was time to get her in the car and home to rest. She fell asleep in the car after some apple juice & a few crackers. From that point on, it hasn’t been too difficult. Gabi & Ian have been very attentive to their sister. They understand she can’t play. Because she isn’t allowed to climb stairs, we have an air mattress downstairs that she & I slept on last night. Daddy was on the couch, not too far away.

Not a bad experience at all. Thank God!


Surgery for Sofi

Saturday, July 9th, 2011 by by

This is going to be short. She has a very small herniated belly button. Not really anything that is a big deal. We were hoping it would close on it’s own. It didn’t. Go figure.

After a 2 year wait, we are having it fixed. Tomorrow at 8am, we will be at the surgery center.

Please say a little prayer for the surgical team, for my little girl, and maybe a couple for Mommy & Daddy.

Oh, and how in the HELL am I suppose to keep her from playing for the next 2 days?  And no climbing? Or taking the stairs? GEEZ…someone give me a tranquilizer.

Kieran’s going in for surgery

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 by by

Today we went to the ENT, Kieran’s speech is behind (Average is 3-50+ words, Kieran has just over 10). We were worried that her hearing was the reason for her speech. Turns out we were right her hearing is the reason for her speech issues. When the did the first test to see how her ear drum reacts it wasn’t good, her left ear hardly had a reaction at all, a tiny one at the end of the the flat line, the right had a slightly better one but still not good. And the hearing in her left ear wasn’t good either (they didn’t test her right?!) He said she was hearing at 30 decibels and they wanted it at 15 or higher (said the lower the # the more they could hear the softer and quieter sounds) so not terribly bad but he was worried about her ear drum not reacting like it should.

Like we thought he brought up tubes. Kieran’s only had 3 ear infections since September so that wasn’t the worry, he said normally kids like that with fluid on their ears he would just recheck in 6 weeks when the weather warms up. What he was worried about is the fact that its affecting her hearing and her speech, because of that he’s going to put tubes in. He said we’ll do the tubes then a few weeks later we will check her hearing again to see if it helps. He said this kind of hearing loss is normally reversible, in 5% (I think it was) of patients it isn’t.

We are waiting on authorization from insurance but once thats in we are scheduled for the surgery on the 17th of Feb. He was also sort of worried about her tonsils and adenoids, they were larger then they should be, he said medium, so not as large as Seamus’ were but he wants to watch that too. He also said they will possibly take out the adenoids if the tubes alone don’t help the draining (The left ear was really full, the right a little)

David’s Surgery

Saturday, July 10th, 2010 by by

Today David had his hernia surgery.  It’s the first time any of my children have ever had to have surgery.  We dropped the older two off at our friend’s house and arrived at Children’s Hospital around 10.  I love Children’s, their set up is amazingly kid AND parent friendly.  We changed David into his hospital gown, and then we went to the playroom they have set up for the kids.

He played happily for a while, but then Charlie needed to nurse, so we went back to the hospital room and the various doctors and nurses came in to speak with us.  Around 11:15, they gave David some Tylenol and Versed (an anti-anxiety medication).  (more…)



Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 by by

I’m sorry if this gets confusing:

Since Ava’s initial surgeon consultation for a g-tube was referred by her pulmonologist, it’s taken a little longer to have everything going.   We met with the surgeon, who agrees with the pulmonary doc.  Ava’s GI Dr (who will assist on the PEG tube placement) would like to see her before taking her to the OR.  I agree! He probably feels like he’s out of the loop (or pissed!) since Pulmonary, Neurology, Surgeon, Genetics, and Rehabilitation have consulted each other about this.

This GI doc is part of the Feeding Team that Ava sees.  This is part of Dr C’s Aero team that specializes in airway kiddos.  They are always packed and hard to get an appointment in a timely manner.  Ava’s appointment is the 15th.  He usually sees 9 patients in clinic a day, but Ava makes number 16 as an add-on.  It will be a long day!

The nurse told be to expect PEG placement in early August.

Other than that, everyone is doing well.  I hope everyone is having a great Summer!

Quick update

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 by by

It’s very difficult typing one handed, so this may not be the best post.

Wednesday, the 23rd, I woke up super nervous.  I took a shower while the rest of my family ate super delicious, yummy bacon and eggs.  I was hungry, but had to fast for the surgery, and I was too nervous to eat anyway.  Pants, our babysitter, arrived with his monster of a dog around 9:15.  Jovi loved his dog and followed him around the whole time.  It was hilarious to see our puppy following a huge mastiff around.  I sat down before we left, and per instructions, scrubbed my arm and hand with soap for 15 minutes. We left the house around 10 and ran to Bakers really quick to pick up a pacifier for Charlie.  The plan was that Chris would try to pacify him as long as possible before giving him a bottle.

We arrived at the hospital right around 11 and checked in.  Shortly after, we were taken back to the pre-op room, and I nursed Charlie one last time.  They gave me this ridiculous Bear Paws gown that actually hooks up to a heating system during surgery.  It was very bulky and uncomfortable.  They started my IV with antibiotics, and the anesthesiologist came back in to talk to me.  It was the same lady as before, very nice.  She could see how nervous I was, and she gave me a mild sedative to calm down.  She also assured me that being awake unknowingly is very rare – that was honestly one of my biggest fears.

A short while later, I felt extremely itchy and jittery – like I needed to run around.  They came to check on me and told me my whole body was red.  (more…)

I’m done

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 by by

In less than a week I’ve had my 2 year old casted for larger leg braces, measured for her wheelchair, ordered the wheelchair, was told she has to stay on oxygen , wants to trial her on Bipap next time she’s in the hospital, and is being referred to a general surgeon for her g-tube.

I’m done.

I love her team of doctors at Cinci Childrens.  They’re the best of the best.  But I’m annoyed with them right now. My plan was to go to her Aero appt yesterday, be told her sleep study was great, her weight was picking up and she could come off O2 and bypass more surgery.

That didn’t happen.

They took her vitals.  She lost a couple ounces.  She was sating at 85% . Not the best start, right?

She’s not oxygenating well.  They feel more airway surgery will do more harm than good.  Next time she’s sick (more…)


Another surgery down

Friday, February 26th, 2010 by by

After 36 hrs on the hospital, we are home.  She has an incision down her entire foot and had 4 bones and a toe removed.  She also had some reconstruction done.  She’s in a lot of pain.  Her breathing isn’t great.   I have to reposition her every 2 hours to prevent skin breakdown, which sucks.  She is not allowed to bear weight for 4-6 weeks.  She’s not in a walking cast, obviously.  Her leg swelled and she had to be recasted today.   This could happen a couple times in the next month. Hopefully she’ll be in less pain soon.  All she does is cry “ow”.  She’s breaking my heart.