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Toddler Trouble #2 – Talking

Friday, September 21st, 2012 by by

Even thought my Eli is not really a toddler anymore I thought I wouldbring ya’ll a new weekly series…. TODDLER TROUBLE! I’ll probably change the name but it seems to fit what she’s going through at the moment. So Toddler Trouble will be a blog post all about what’s going on in my 3 year olds life; blog posts from her perspective, my thoughts, stories she tells and just life with a toddler… sounds fun, hu?!
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Yes, it’s hard to admit but my daughter is already 42 months (3 1/2) and still isn’t officially “talking.” The only people that can understand her are me and her big sister. We asked our doctor about it before she turned three and has been going to speech therapy twice a week for an hour and even though I know she has made tremendous progress, she is still about 9 months behind. She is starting to say 5 word sentences, but again, no one can understand what she’s saying. I must admit that I do not read to her everyday, but I talk to her like I do any other person. I don’t talk to her like a baby. I also have been trying to not to ask her yes/no questions to see if I can get more practice for her. Don’t get me wrong, she does talk A LOT! She just doesn’t say her consonants.

Another thing is about her therapy… they do not allow us in the room with her?! I thought that was very odd. I would think that it would benefit us because we can see what they are working on with her so that we can reinforce it or reward her when she “practices” at home. But we don’t and they really don’t tell us much, just that she did good or she participated that day. When she first started going she liked it and then she would cry when we told her it was time to go and she would throw a fit. Obviously I didn’t want her to go anymore, but now she really likes it and doing great. What are your thoughts on that?

Question: Can anyone relate?


The Dictator Grows!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 by by

I have to brag on Jacob for a quick moment because I was so not looking forward to taking him to the doctor’s today – from about 2 years on, Jacob just became totally afraid of doctors and would freak out and cry every time so this time I spent some time with him last night and this morning talking about what happens when we go to the doctors for checkups and we pretended to listen to each other’s hearts, I looked in his ears and he looked in mine and we spent time being goofy and opening our mouths and saying awww awwww awwww……he totally bought into it and every time he’d listen to my heart I’d say, oh that doesn’t hurt Doctor….

He just marched into the office today and told our Pediatrician that he was not going to cry because he was three now and got up on the table and let the Doctor have a good check up!

The doctor laughed and said well I was going to ask you if he was (more…)

Understanding Language!

Friday, June 12th, 2009 by by

It takes kids quite a while to learn language, both to understand it and to model it. First words usually sprout up around 9-12 months of age. I keep reminding myself of that, because even though my 15 month old hasn’t said a word yet, he’s completely on track. His hearing age is 4 months, after all. It’s sort of, kind of that really. It’s hard to say exactly, because from there is varies on so much. Mentally, he’s sharper than a 4 month old, more aware. But then, he had to spend longer learning HOW to hear with his cochlear implants, because that is totally different from how he heard before he became deaf. So, we say roughly, he should be reacting and understanding the way a 4 month old does.

And that is exactly where he’s at!

He turns to his name pretty consistently. Of course, it is hard to tell whether he is turning because it is his name, or because someone is talking loud enough to pull his attention, but hey – he’s turning either way.

When we eat, I do a lot of modeling of the /m/ sound. Mmm Mmm. Yummmmmy. Want mmmore? Danny is starting to imitate it right back to me! He gets in his highchair and grins at me. “Mmmmm!” he says, watching intently for (more…)