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12 Tooth Fairy Ideas and Traditions

Monday, February 18th, 2013 by by

tooth fairy ideas and traditions

My five year old has been counting the days, months, years since he was 3 when he first discovered the tooth fairy via his older brother.  Excitedly, for months on end he will ask for me to check his teeth because they are wobbly. Overtime when brother has lost a tooth he remembers his cause and once again begins to zealously check his teeth for a loose one.

One day, his good friend lost his tooth at school and my son comes home with this pathetic look on his face, his lower lip sticking out and in his most whiny voice says “it’s not fair that I haven’t lost my tooth. All my friends are losing their teeth and I am not.”  In my most trying to be serious face  and concerned mommy voice I say “it will come, don’t worry it will come.”

I am Mexican and in our culture we don’t have the tooth fairy we have (more…)


A Big, Run-On Question

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 by by

“So, Mom? I’m going to put my tooth inside the tooth fairy box so that Tooth Fairy can bring me a dollar while I’m sleeping, but can you please-oh-please let her know that I need her to wait to take the tooth until after the alphabets-sharing-day of “T” on Monday, because I’m going to bring my tooth to share for “T” at school, but then after that she can have it, but I just need it until then because tooth starts with T-T-T, and then can you just tell her that mom, do you think she’ll say okay? Do you?”

Well, I feel totally cheated.

Friday, February 18th, 2011 by by

My baby lost his first tooth. The one next to it is now loose too.

See that bill in his hand? Yeah, apparently the tooth fairy left him $10. TEN DOLLARS! Uh, hello feelings of being unloved by the tooth fairy as a child. I got 50 freaking cents when I lost a tooth. When I asked John why the tooth fairy he left Zach so much money he told me he got $10 when he lost his first tooth. So I asked him how much he got for all the other teeth and he told me got $2. (Mind now freaking out because the tooth fairy apparently even loved John more than me also) I look at John blankly and ask him if he is aware of not only that some kids lose more than one tooth at a time but also that we have another child coming up on loosing teeth also. He just shrugs and tells me not to worry about it. I tell him that once he sets the tooth-worth amount, he can’t change it. He tells me he knows. So I tell him he just dug his own grave. Zach might wait patiently to lose more teeth to rake in the money, but I have a feeling Ryan is going to somehow mysteriously end up with lots of injuries to his mouth soon.

Why Entertaining Fantasies Isn’t Always a Good Thing

Monday, March 16th, 2009 by by

My daughter’s mouth has been host to two “hanging by a thread” teeth for about 2 weeks now.  They are the front 2 teeth – the ones that are all anyone wants for Christmas…the biggies.  The method of their departure from E’s head has been the topic of much discussion in our home lately.

“I could tie one end of a string to your tooth and the other to my bow and arrow and shoot it out,” said my husband.

“I could punch you with my fist,” offered big brother #2 with a gleam of hope in his eye.

“I could aim a frisbee at your teeth,” suggested big brother #1 with all the seriousness he could muster.

“How about biting into a nice crispy apple?” I chirped (seizing on the opportunity to trick a healthy snack into one of my children).

My daughter arrived home yesterday with a bloody Ziplock bag clutched triumphantly in her hand.  “It just fell out.  I didn’t have to do a thing!” she proclaimed.

It was with much pomp and circumstance that the oozing baggie was placed under her pillow last night.

“Don’t forget the money.” I hissed at my husband, as it is he who handles all of the household finances.   “Please,” he replied, rolling his eyes at me as if forgetting would be the LAST thing he’d ever do.

This morning I was awakened by the pitiful sobbing of my bedheaded daughter.

“I didn’t get anything,” she moaned.

“What?  What didn’t you get?” I said, barely awake.   It was as she answered, “For my tooth.  I didn’t get anything!!!” (more…)