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12 Tooth Fairy Ideas and Traditions

Monday, February 18th, 2013 by by

tooth fairy ideas and traditions

My five year old has been counting the days, months, years since he was 3 when he first discovered the tooth fairy via his older brother.  Excitedly, for months on end he will ask for me to check his teeth because they are wobbly. Overtime when brother has lost a tooth he remembers his cause and once again begins to zealously check his teeth for a loose one.

One day, his good friend lost his tooth at school and my son comes home with this pathetic look on his face, his lower lip sticking out and in his most whiny voice says “it’s not fair that I haven’t lost my tooth. All my friends are losing their teeth and I am not.”  In my most trying to be serious face  and concerned mommy voice I say “it will come, don’t worry it will come.”

I am Mexican and in our culture we don’t have the tooth fairy we have (more…)