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Overheard on the Road Trip

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 by by

“Mom? How long ’til we get there? Six hours? For real? How many minutes is that, because it’s already been at least eight minutes already… Yes it has. Yes it has. Are we going to go on the freeway? How many freeways? How many minutes has it been now? I think it’s been at least four hours or four-thousand-billion-years and hours. Why is it taking so long? Is this a freeway? What? What? What? Are you sure? Can I have some grapes? No, I don’t want grapes. Can I please have some string cheese? My Lego Harry Potter head just went under the seat. Can you get it? Why not? Why not now? What’s that red thing? That red thing. Right there. I’m pointing at it out there right now. It’s red. Why don’t you know? Are you trying to not know? What time is it? How many minutes has it been? Has it been six hours of minutes? Are we there yet? Mom?”


Travel Tip

Thursday, June 16th, 2011 by by

If you go on a trip with Katie, don’t put her in charge of the rain gear.

Today, Nashville treated us to some seriously scary thunder, lightning, and rain – lots and lots of rain.  Buckets, really.  Nonetheless, once things settled down a bit, we braved the elements and ventured into Nashville.  Katie proudly armed each of us with an umbrella before we left the car, just in case the weather decided to act up again.

Twenty minutes into our walk, the rain began to fall again.  Katie and I smugly opened our umbrellas as we watched everyone around us scramble for cover.  Yep – we sure were lucky we had those umbrellas with us.

Five minutes later, we purchased our first two Nashville souvenirs.

Cloth Diapering While Traveling

Saturday, February 27th, 2010 by by

So, last weekend while I was taking a break again which was a much needed break…we were just going to hang around the house and just enjoy time with each other and the family. My husband spoke to his father and his dad had surgery about a week ago.  He just didn’t sound well.  My husband was concerned so we decided to (more…)


Thursday, February 4th, 2010 by by

The last few weeks I have been planing, and replaning and running a checklist all in my head for our trip to Nebraska. We are leaving around noon on February 12th, and hoping to make it to Sheridan, Wy late that night and spend the night then arrive in Nebraska on Saturday. I’m a little worried about actually spending the night in a hotel, for 2 reasons. The first reason I’m worried is when we came back up from Nebraska in 2008 we planned to stay the night in Billings, Mt but when we got there we found out that all the hotels(that we knew about) were full because of a local Native American convention going on and the tribes had the rooms booked so I’m worried about finding a room. Hubby thinks we will just drive till we are tired, make it to Billings or Sheridan and find a hotel then.  I wanted to reserve one but I was warned about the weather.  We may not make it to either place and I dont want to waste a reservation. My second reason for being worried… (more…)


Traveling across the country with Cloth Diapers

Monday, September 21st, 2009 by by

When I decided I was definitely going to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas the next question was how was I going to diaper my son?  Disposables are the easy answer, followed by G Diapers or Gro Baby Bio Soakers.  The hardest answer would be full time cloth diapers.  Now, I have mentioned before that I have an issue with leaving dirty diapers at home and also with bringing dirty cloth diapers with me to a location.  I don’t like to think of my diapers sitting in the pail for more than 3 days.  Yuck!  I have read the horror stories about mushrooms and mold growing on diapers.

Picture 38I set about looking for a local diaper service in Las Vegas.  I figured that if I could find one perhaps we could arrange a way for me to use them.  I lucked out and found Happi Bunz Diaper Service.  They were more than accommodating and arranged for my diapers to be delivered to the Hilton.  They delivered 40 bleached regular size prefolds and a Pail.  I packed my own covers and snappi, and brought wet bags to keep my dirties in until I got back to the hotel each day.

What about my flights?  For my airport (more…)

Me, my son, (and my cloth diapers) are home safely!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009 by by

After a small delay between boarding and departure, my son, my diapers, and I arrived in Syracuse NY from Charlotte NC.  The flight was terrible, Fletcher was miserable and cried for an hour.  This was his tenth flight since birth, and his worst.  He has been on more planes than months alive!

My trip lasted over 2 weeks, and I cloth diapered the entire time.  I didn’t pack enough diapers to last 2 weeks, that would have been one heavy, nasty wet bag.  I did my washing at the home I was staying at, which happened to be at my in-laws.  I did pack enough diapers to last 3-4 days, but I ended up washing every 2-3 days.

How did I manage to fly almost 40 cloth diapers without paying a nickel?  My stash would have filled my entire suitcase, or a second suitcase would have had (more…)