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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 by by

This blog title has GOT to be way overused by now…haha.
I posted this originally on my old blog:
But, since Eclipse comes out today- I figured I’d cycle it here to admit my little…problem. Hehe!
Overall- I think this is why this series is so popular:

I don’t know…I am guessing I was like most teenage girls…despite the fact that my public statement concerning men was always along the lines of: give me an old man who doesn’t want to get married and has a lot of money to spend and I’m his girl. I did spend a good portion of my teenage years imagining my great love story. I remember even telling my BFF at the time, Val, that I hoped it wouldn’t go to smoothly…”if he likes me right away, it would just be to boring…I want to want him for awhile before I actually get him.”

Then, at seventeen, I got my great love story…and it was as drama and frustration filled as I hoped and I enjoyed every second of the turmoil. (more…)