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Why Water Births Rule!

Monday, April 1st, 2013 by by

It just dawned on me that I had yet to REALLY write about how Baby Bean came into the world and why my husband, CJ, and I chose the all natural water birth route. Now that she’s been out of me almost half as long as she was inside I realized it was time to share before it becomes a foggy memory.

Although I seriously doubt the birth of your kid, especially the first one, is ever foggy- unless you were higher than Keith Richards on any given Saturday night in the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s or 90′s- oh hell, who are we kidding that man would probably drop dead if he didn’t still get his groove on- now it’s just probably laced with calcium and Metamucil. (more…)


Another Campbell Has Arrived! The Birth Story of Baby Snowflake

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 by by

‘Baby Snowflake’ is our little “drama” queen! She really knows how to play tricks on her mommy! After 2 bouts of false labor, she finally decided to come at the last minute before 2011 was over – our New Year’s Eve baby!

Here is the full story of her birth:

On Saturday, Christmas Eve – the day before my due date – I started having contractions about 7 minutes apart around 1pm. The night before, I had been having contractions on and off, which really hindered my ability to get a good night’s rest. Friday morning, I nested like crazy, cleaning the whole house thinking baby would be here soon. Daddy C was feeling sick, like he might have the flu, which made me even more anxious. Between all the cleaning, I tried to feed us all good, nutrient dense foods and supplements to ward off the sickies. By 1pm, the contractions had returned with regularity. I went on a walk, and they got stronger and closer together. I decided to call the midwives and tell them to come at 4:30pm. Daddy C took Peanut to a relative’s house just in case, and the midwives arrived around 5:30pm, by which time the contractions were now coming 5 minutes apart. They were not really painful though, and since I had back labor with Peanut, I wasn’t sure if this was just what regular labor contractions felt like. (more…)

Trial Run of the Birth Tub

Friday, May 21st, 2010 by by

Last week, the midwife brought the birthing pool and other birth kit items to our house. I had a choice of a couple of pools, and I chose La Bassine. I chose this pool because it is a bit smaller and only requires 100 gallons of water (opposed to 170ish that the other tubs require.) But even while using less water, it seemed deep enough that I will get the benefits of buoyancy. This way we will not tax our hot water heater too much, and the tub fits on the small space of tile in our apartment.

We decided to set the pool up as if I were in labor, just for practice. I highly recommend doing this to anyone who is planning a home waterbirth. Daryl wasn’t happy about doing what he considered needless extra work. But I reminded him that it will be his responsibility to know how to inflate the tub and fill it with the proper temperature water, at the proper time. If there was anything wrong, and the tub doesn’t get filled in time because he doesn’t know what he is doing, then I would hold him personally responsible for depriving me of my choice of pain management! (more…)