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By JustMommies staff

It’s a new year and time for resolutions, fresh starts, and brand new 2012 celebrity babies to arrive. See which celebrities are expecting in January.

Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter
Without a Trace star Roselyn Sanchez and her husband Eric Winter are expecting their first baby at the start of the year. The actress announced her pregnancy on Facebook back in August, writing, "I have great news! Eric and I are expecting our first baby!"
Update: Roselyn Sanchez Welcomes Sebella Rose Winter

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming-Willis
Willis, 56, dad to three kids with ex-wife Demi Moore, is expecting baby number four with his wife of two years, model and designer Emma Heming-Willis, 35. According to a statement the couple shared with People, they “are overjoyed with this news and they look forward to welcoming this newest addition into their family.”

Linda Cardellini and Steven Rodriguez
Former ER actress Linda Cardellini is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Steven Rodriguez. The actress announced her pregnancy in October. Her rep told People, “They’re excited to start a family together.”

Marla Sokoloff and Alec Puro
Actress Marla Sokoloff and her husband musician Alec Puro are due to have a little girl soon. The former star of The Practice has blogged about her pregnancy on People.com. She tells readers that she felt like her pregnancy was “moving slower than molasses” and then week 30 came out of nowhere. Now she’s counting down the days until her pink little bundle arrives.

Sarah Drew and Peter Lanfer
There must be something in the water on the set of Grey’s Anatomy. Costar Eric Dane’s wife delivered a baby girl at the beginning of this month and Sarah Drew, who plays Dr. April Kepner on the popular ABC show, is due to have a baby in January as well.

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