Celebrities Due in January 2014

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It's a brand new year and time for the newest batch of celebrity babies to arrive. See whose due in January!

Kevin and Danielle Jonas
Oldest Jonas Brother Kevin Jonas is expecting his first baby this month with his wife Daniella. In July, the singer talked to E! News! exclusively about the pregnancy. "I was overjoyed," he said. "It's been the most exciting thing in my life so far." The couple married in 2009.

A.J. Buckley and Abigail Ochse
star A.J. Buckley and his fiancee Abigail Ochse are expecting their first baby. According to US Weekly , the couple is expecting a baby girl in early 2014.

Devon and Dawni Sawa
Nikita star Devon Sawa is expecting a baby boy with his wife Dawni. According to People, the baby is due the first week of January.

Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen
American Pie star Jason Biggs and his wife are expecting their first baby this month. Mollen shared a picture of the baby's ultrasound on Instagram confirming the news.

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