Jack Osbourne is Going to be a Dad

By JustMommies staff

(October 17, 2011) Reality TV star Jack Osbourne is expecting his first baby with his fiancee Lisa Stelly. 

Osbourne broke the news on CNN last Tuesday when he told talk show host Piers Morgan, “I guess technically I do have something to tell you.  I’m about to be a father.”  He added, "I'm excited. I'm a little nervous, but I'm excited. It's going to be fun.”

Osbourne’s famous parents Ozzy and Sharon are shocked but happy about the new addition.  Sharon told CNN’s Morgan, “I'm happy because it's what Jack wants, so I'm happy. And I've always wanted to be a grandma, so it couldn't be better.”  Ozzy added, "I'm in shock.  I think it's fabulous." 

Sister Kelly Osbourne is excited as well.  She tweeted, “been waiting 2 say this for so long im the happiest girl in the world im going to be an auntie! @lisamarstelly welcome 2 the family i <3 u.”