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By Paulette Cohn for JustMommies

JustMommies: So then you take him to a toilet or a potty?
Mayim Bialik: Baby Bjorn makes an infant potty. People use all sorts of things historically, again, and a lot of the world does this and can't imagine that we put diapers on five-year-olds. Obviously, there are different reasons, one being, if diapers are not in great supply and stuff like that. So we use cloth diapers when we go out. He is mostly dry, so it is helpful and he uses the potty.
JustMommies: Did you do a home birth?
Mayim Bialik: With my first son, we were home until nine centimeters and then we transported to a hospital. He was born naturally otherwise. My second son was a home birth -- a very fast and beautiful home birth.
JustMommies: There are provisions made in case there is a problem, right?
Mayim Bialik: Yes. We had a certified nurse midwife. Most uncomplicated births do go smoothly without any intervention. [With my second birth], it was such a fast labor, I was alone until pushing. Everybody was on their way. It was an hour and a half of active labor, so it was very quick. Three hours total. I had a three-day labor with my first son. It is not uncommon for a second birth to be faster.
JustMommies: Do you do no vaccinations, or do you select specific ones with your doctor?
Mayim Bialik: We have not vaccinated, but some people do selective vaccination. There is a recommended modified schedule that Dr. Sears has been recommending.
JustMommies: For home schooling, is that something you plan to do yourself? At four, wouldn't Miles really be in preschool?
Mayim Bialik: We are part of a home-schooling community. We are part of it because they also do days at the park and we have been learning from other parents. Miles, our older son, did sit in on a French class from the time he was three until now. It is basically learning what it is like to sit in a circle. He is a quiet guy, so he was happy to sit quietly. I also teach in the home-school community, but it is also being a part of a community and learning how people do it and what their lives look like. Theoretically, a lot of people wouldn't have put their kid into anything until kindergarten.

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By .Nikki. on 02/19/10 at 9:29 am

I loved this interview. I thought it was very interesting to read how Mayim is parenting, and the "different" ways she is doing things. I found it inter  ...

By Twinkle on 10/09/09 at 2:40 pm

I agree, its a great article!

By Katie Ever on 10/02/09 at 8:14 pm

Great article, thank you.

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