Candace Cameron Bure Talks Hollywood, Motherhood and Faith

By Paulette Cohn for JustMommies

Candace Cameron Bure is best remembered from her role as the eldest daughter on the hit '90s hit comedy series "Full House." But that is the past. Today, Candace is all grown up and stars as a mom on the hit ABC Family series, "Make It or Break It," and, in fact, is a real-life mom to Nastasha, 11; Lev, 10; and Maxim, 8, with hubby Valerie Bure, a retired Russian ice hockey player.

Now, Just Mommies talks to the 34-year-old about raising kids in Hollywood, her faith, giving back and turning author.

You took time off from acting to raise your kids. How did you decide it was time for you to go back to work?

Candace Cameron Bure: A big part of that was my husband, who was a professional hockey player, retired. That was one of the biggest factors that played into my going back to work because he was then able to be home. About a year after he retired, we started thinking it would be a good time. That is when I contacted my agents and said, "We will start to see if things open up in the industry." Things did pretty quickly. I think the biggest reason [for waiting until then] was that one of us always wants to be with the kids. We don't have a nanny or anything, except on occasion when we have a babysitter.

I read somewhere that you said that possibly God didn't bring you acting jobs because you were supposed to be a stay-at-home mom? Is that true?

Candace Cameron Bure: Yes, but not in those words. I was trying to pursue a career and be there for my husband, go to all his hockey games and support his career, but wanting to act all at the same time. The more I tried to pursue my career, the more doors were being shut. I was just developing my relationship with the Lord at that time, reading my bible and learning all about God's ways and what he had to say. I really felt at that time, that it wasn't just a coincidence that doors were shutting in the entertainment industry and really felt that it was God's way of telling me, "You need to take a break and focus on the children that I have blessed you with."

So faith is a big part of your life. How do you introduce that to your children?

Candace Cameron Bure: Pretty easily. We go to church on Sundays, but it is not just a weekly thing. We read our bible daily and do a daily devotional every morning before school. It just happens. We talk about God in most of our conversations. So whether it is a learning situation, if it something they are dealing with at school or with friends … when I parent them, it is all from a biblical perspective. So many times I will say, "What does God say about this?" So we will look at selfishness, or greed, or friendship, or when someone hurts you, and we will see how we respond to that biblically. It is easily incorporated into our lives, because where I go for a parenting guide is biblical teachings.

Do your children go to a Christian school or a public school?

Candace Cameron Bure: They go to a Christian school. Their school reinforces the values and principles we teach at home.

What is your kids' routine like when you are working vs. when you stay at home?

Candace Cameron Bure: Their routine is very consistent, especially during the school year because it is school on a weekly basis and then they have different sports activities on certain days after school. The one thing that doesn't change is I am home by six o'clock or seven o'clock for dinner. I am the one who helps with homework. Homework is my job at home and not my husband's. That all stays very consistent throughout the year. Summer time our schedules are very different and each summer is different. The kids are flexible with us and what we have planned as a family.

At one point, I know you moved to Florida. Now that you are working again, are you living in California, or are you commuting?

Candace Cameron Bure: We moved last summer because we didn't want to commute. Once the school year ended last summer, we moved to Los Angeles, so we have been here a year now.

Do you think Los Angeles is a harder place to raise children with the influences of Hollywood?

Candace Cameron Bure: It is a good question. I think where we lived in Florida, Fort Lauderdale was still a big city. And, no, the entertainment industry isn't there, but I think we dealt with just as much in Fort Lauderdale as we do in Los Angeles. And, aside from the occasional movie premiere that I might take my kids to, they really aren't involved in the industry so much that I am concerned that they are seeing too much or hearing too much. I do take my kids to work when I am able to, and they love seeing that, but that is just like any job. It would be the same as if my husband took them to hockey games, or if I worked in a retail store. Really, their lives are about family and school and sports, so it is not really that different from Florida to L.A.

Having been to the set, have any of them expressed any interest in acting? And would you let them?

Candace Cameron Bure: My daughter has definitely expressed interest and she has already done a few commercials since we have been in L.A. I didn't hesitate to say, "Sure, you can absolutely try it," because I had a great experience. But I am as cautious of it as my parents were. We look very closely at what commercials or what movie she will audition for. Really, if she wants to do it, it is fun for her and she is passionate about it, I am happy to help her pursue that, just as I would with my boys and whatever they want to do if it is sports, or acting -- although, my boys aren't interested in acting.

I don't have a problem with it, but again, I am very invested in my children and a concerned parent, so I am always looking out for their best interest first, and not just about her getting a job or a part if it doesn't fall in line with our values.

I am assuming then that your sons are interested in sports like their dad?

Candace Cameron Bure: Yes, they are both playing hockey like their dad.

Now, that is a dangerous sport!

Candace Cameron Bure: It is. We actually tried to discourage them from playing hockey for many, many years and last year one of my boys, we asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said, "Mommy, papa, I just want to play hockey." So, he was seven years old and he had been begging us for four years already, so once he really asked for it for his birthday, we said, "OK, you can start playing." He had a great time.

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By trulyblessed on 08/09/11 at 11:15 am

I remember watching Candace Cameron Bure when she was on Full House. I even watched all her movies. She is a great inspiration and a wonderful and beaut  ...

By bunny77 on 06/01/11 at 3:32 pm

I am young in the eyes of the world, 27 years, but feel old when I think that I have yet to bear children of my own and each day I am growing older. My   ...

By LuvLinLynn on 09/19/10 at 4:43 pm

I think that this is one celb that all mothers can look up to. she is truly an inspiration.

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