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JustMommies Chat Host Application

If you are interesting in hosting as chat at JustMommies please copy and paste the application for chat hosting below and submit it by private message to Christine (twinkle). Please put the name of the chat you are interested in hosting in the title of your pm and paste the application in the body of your pm. She will contact you within two to three weeks to let you know the status of your application for chat hosting.


Member name:
Chat/s you are interested in hosting:
How long have you been a member at Justmommies:
Boards you are most active on at Justmommies:

What do you think the responsibilities of a chat host entail?

We require all chat hosts to be active on the chat they host prior to hosting. How long have you been a member of your board? How long have you been attending the chat?

Can you commit to the day and time of your board’s scheduled chat?

Please share any ideas you have for building your chat community, welcoming/keeping new members, or attracting new members to your chat?

If a conflict arises on your chat, how would you handle it?

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