Five Easy Ways to Update Your Look

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You don’t have to spend a bundle or lots of time in the plastic surgeon’s office to spruce up your look – we swear! Here are some simple, quick tips that will have your friends saying, “What have you done? You look fantastic!”

1. A Hair-Raising Idea
Have you had the same mane for the last decade? How about the exact same color? Try adding some highlights (you really can do them yourself at home for a fraction of the cost). What about bangs? Just a simple change can make you look years younger and the right hair color can completely brighten up your gorgeous face. It can all be done in about one hour! If you’ve got especially kinky locks, save up a bit more and investigate the Brazilian blowout – the hottest trend in salons today.

2. The Brows Have It – or not!
Your eyes are a defining feature … and guess what … so are your eyebrows! Have you neglected getting them shaped or waxed? Then you are in for a special treat! You can completely open up your eyes and create a more polished look by visiting the salon. In 30 minutes you can create quite the transformation. Warning: do not try this at home! Eyebrows can take months to grow back, and some do not at all. Trust a professional for this grooming adventure.

3. Smile!
You do not have to visit your neighborhood dentist to have a bright, white smile. Your smile is one of the very first thing others will notice about you, so get that grin – and teeth – as white as can be! These days you can run to the drugstore, slap on some teeth whitening strips and in a few weeks – you are looking brighter and refreshed.

4. Accessories R Us
If you are bored with the same old styles in your closet, another easy and fairly inexpensive route to a new look is all about accessorizing A brightly colored or patterned scarf can instantly spruce up that black button-down blouse; a cool gold chain can add a touch of glamour to that navy blue turtleneck. You can run down the street to a Target or Forever 21 and find fun items for a small price – less than ten bucks!

5. Go for the Glow
A tan is another route to a radiant new look – and you don’t have to lay out in the sun for hours, sweat and damage your skin to achieve the results.  Everywhere you look these days there are spray tans, tanning towelettes, lotions and potions that will get you to a nicely bronzed state of mind. 

When all else fails, nothing makes you look and feel better than taking time for yourself. Give yourself permission to be a little selfish – sleep in, treat yourself to a spa day, indulge in your favorite treat or grab a new book. You deserve it!

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By persun on 07/02/14 at 2:23 am

Thank you for your suggestion. I will try it on according to your says.

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