Green Beauty and Skin Care Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy from Inhabitots

By Inhabitots

Pregnancy gives moms-to-be that proverbial natural "glow,"and even though being a  new mom can be exhausting, women look radiant postpartum as well. In addition to the natural beauty that goes hand in hand with motherhood, there are several other things you can do as a pregnant or breastfeeding mama to green your make-up and skin care regimens. Choosing organic, nontoxic beauty products is healthy for both you and your baby, and for the environment as well.

Here are 7 safer nail polishes to use during pregnancy and beyond that are free of the toxic and harmful chemicals present in most polishes. And before you pucker up and apply your lipstick, make sure it doesn't contain lead. A new FDA report shows that hundreds of lipsticks contain lead. Try All the Better to Kiss You With organic lip balm to soften lips sans chemicals. We're also big fans of the organic skin care products made especially for moms from BABYBEARSHOP. And don't forget about the potent and all-natural effectiveness of aromatherapy when it comes to personal care. See our expert advice on incorporating aromatherapy into your life during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

With sunny spring and summer days ahead, don't forget to slather on the sunscreen to protect your skin. Just make sure it's both safe and effective. It pays to be vigilant when it comes to researching the ingredients in your skin care and beauty products. Especially since the FDA recently reported on skin care products that contain mercury and a Silent Spring Study revealed that many mislabeled consumer products including sunscreens and perfumes contain harmful chemicals. So get busy spring cleaning your beauty supplies and then whip up a batch of this homemade organic sugar scrub and enjoy a relaxing bath!

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