How to Look Great Without Breaking the Bank!

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Moms of Teens and Preteens


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By JustMommies staff

By JustMommies Staff for our Sponsor, Aussie

Busy moms don’t have the minutes or the money to sit in a salon for three hours! Here are five simple beauty tips to keep you feeling in fashion for just a fraction of the cost -- and the time.

  1. A Ponytail is Your Best Friend!
Ponytails are youthful, hip and a quick and easy way to look stylish in a matter of minutes! All you really need is some sort of styling product to give that mane a little polish, like Aussie’s Instant Freeze. Just slick the hair back in a low ponytail and you are all set! America’s Next Top Model, anyone?!
  1. Exercise to Feel Alive
Take just 30 minutes a day to walk outdoors, do a yoga video or ride a bike. The health benefits of exercise – both mental and physical – are undeniable. Not only will you have more patience for the energetic kiddies, but the color exercising brings to your checks rival any best-selling blush! Don’t forget to drink lots of water for rejuvenated and refreshed looking skin.
  1. Accessories … If You Please!
It really is that simple! Turn your jeans and T-shirt into something much more stylish by adding a dash of color around your neck, whether it’s a red, plaid or purple scarf! Take a simple black sweater and add a long gold, costume necklace to the mix. Your standard outfit takes on a whole new vibe.
  1. Skin Is In
You can look radiant without spending $100 on skin crème – really! Stunning actress Sophia Loren used extra virgin olive oil on her skin every day for moisture and wrinkle maintenance. It’s packed with antioxidants and has been used for years by women throughout the Mediterranean. Try using a dab of extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil, applying gently to your face ( avoid getting too close to the eye area) and remove any excess oil after ten minutes.
  1. Minimal Makeup
Take just five minutes (after applying your olive oil!) to add a touch of mascara or a little berry gloss to your gorgeous lips. Then slick that hair back in a sexy ponytail, throw on that raspberry scarf and you are as good as new!

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