The Mane Event: Creating Salon-Quality Hair Styles At Home

By JustMommies staff for our sponsor, Aussie

You definitely don’t need to visit the salon for a sultry new hairstyle. From simple and sleek to a more natural vibe, here are tips for achieving any type of look for your luscious locks!

1. Glamorous Waves All Day Long

Wash and blow dry your hair, working a mousse through your wet mane (like Aussie’s Catch The Wave). Make sure as you blow dry your hair that you are blowing away from the crown for full volume potential! Next, separate the hair into 1-2 inch pieces and wrap around a closed curling iron (wrapping hair away from the face). Add as many waves as time permits -- then run your fingers through for a tousled, natural look and away you go. You can always add a little hair spray to seal the wavy deal if you like!

2. Beauty and the Bun

Putting together a simple bun can take five minutes or less! It’s always a good idea to wash and blow dry the hair, using a large round brush to smooth out the hair follicles (and always point the dryer downward!) Once your locks are dry, put it into a low ponytail and tightly twist the hair in one direction wrapping it around the base until it is complete. Hold together the bun with some bobby pins -- and a touch of hair spray is never a bad idea to complete the look!

3. Playful Ponytails

Ponytails are youthful, fun and can be worn several different ways. There is the “polished” ponytail, where you will blow dry your hair straight, using a flat iron if needed to achieve that sleek mane. Aussie tip: Apply some hair spray (like their Sun-Touched Shine Hi Hold +Hi Shine Hair Spray) to your hair brush, and then work through hair for even more hold and shine. Tie back into a ponytail and you are ready. For a messier ponytail, create some waves and volume in the hair with a curling iron or scrunching with mousse, and tie up in a bun until you are ready to style. Pull the hair back into the nape of the neck, leave a few wavy pieces out around the face, and you have achieved a playful look.

4. Straight and Shiny

If you have the ability to straighten your hair, achieve a super straight look with the help of a dryer, a flat iron and styling products like Tizz No Frizz gel. Add the gel while hair is wet, than blow dry with a large flat brush (point dryer downward) for no frizz and maximum shine. Once the hair is dry, you can then flat iron 1-3 inch sections for a polished and super straight look.

Images courtesy: Aussie

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By maya1 on 10/09/10 at 2:37 pm

Hi.. Has anyone tried using coconut oil overnight on their hair .. Does it work . How do u prevent the pillow from getting oil stains

By QAKitty0701 on 07/01/10 at 4:40 pm

Look forward to trying this at home!

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