Add a Rainbow of Color to Your Child's Life via Desserts, Meals, Toys, Gear and More!

By Inhabitots

Who doesn't love rainbows? It's easy to bring one of nature's most amazing phenomenons into your kiddo's daily life by coloring his world with a variety of rainbow hues in all different types of incarnations. Take for instance this fantastical organic rainbow cake which you can make yourself without using toxic food colors . If your little one prefers cookies, wow him with a batch of these delightful rainbow hued and rainbow shaped treats . There are also several ways to incorporate a rainbow of colors into healthier foods . See our ideas for 5 nutritious rainbow meals, and check out this recipe for a delicious, kid-friendly rainbow salad. Heading into fall and winter, it's a good idea to have some eco-friendly galoshes in your kiddo's wardrobe. These adorable overboots put a green spin on old-school galoshes and the come in every color on the spectrum. You can put a rainbow robot in the palm of your child's hand with these sweet and colorful Cubebots. Ready for a fun family science experiment? Make tie-dye milk with your brood and marvel at the swirling hues. Then behold this super cool (literally!) rainbow colored igloo that one family made as a backyard retreat!

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