Avoid The Packed Lunch Slump With These Creative Ideas & Tips For School Lunches

By Inhabitots

It's only October, but perhaps the excitement of school lunch packing and eating has already waned among your crew. We're here to help with inspiring ideas that are both palate-pleasing and easy to make. We also offer top tips on streamlining the lunch packing process and creative ways to offer meals that stretch your food and your budget. For instance, here are 6 vegetarian school lunches you can make from family dinner leftovers. If you know fruit is one healthy food your child will always eat, try packing one of these 6 lunch box fruit options she is sure to love. Is your kiddo already boycotting the old standby PB&J? Here are 7 kid-friendly alternatives to the played-out classic that may become the new faves. Trying to offer a better variety of veggies in a creative fashion? Here are several vegetarian school lunch box ideas that will wow tiny tastebuds. And don't forget to pack all of the essentials in your child's mid-day meal to ensure he is getting all the nutrients he needs. If your child (or you) tote a bento box to school or work, get fired up over a week's worth of bento box ideas to pack for yummy meals. Do you find you're always pressed for time in the morning? Here are 8 organic school lunchbox meals you can prepare the night before. And since the goal is an empty lunchbox coming home at the end of the school day, here are 7 ways to make school lunches more fun and delicious!

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