Multi-colored Rice Krispie Treats

This treat is not only colorful and fun, it is actually fairly low in carbs too.  It's the perfect treat for pregnant moms with gestational diabetes.  Make these multi-colored Rice Krispie squares for your next holiday get together.

Multi-colored Rice Krispie Treats Ingredients:

(Makes about a dozen Krispie squares; approximately 120 calories & 25 carbs per serving.)

3 tbsps of margarine
4 cups of miniature marshmallows
6 cups of Rice Krispies cereal
food coloring

How to make:

First color your Rice Krispies cereal.  Color 1 cup of Rice Krispies cereal red and 1 cup green by mixing color and Rice Krispies in a mixing bowl or shaking in a Ziplock bag.  Leave the remaining 4 cups uncolored.  Let colored cereal to sit overnight or until dry.  

To make the treats, melt margarine and marshmallows in large sauce pan on low heat.  Once melted, stir in Rice Krispies cereal and transfer to greased pan.  Press cereal down with wax paper.  Let cool for at least 30 minutes before serving.

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