Raise a Glass to Summertime With Delicious, Hydrating Drink Recipes for the Whole Family

By Inhabitots

Summertime is almost here -- and while it's always important to stay hydrated, hot weather presents even more of a threat for dehydration. Read our 7 delicious ways to keep kids hydrated this summer. Rev up your juicer and try one or all of these 6 kid-friendly homemade fruit and veggie juice recipes . If your little ones like smoothies better than juice, don't miss our recipes for 7 kid-approved organic vegetable and fruit smoothies, which are a great way to make sure kids get their nutrients and stay hydrated at the same time . Headed to a BBQ? Take along a batch of this watermelonade that puts a pink spin on the classic summertime drink . Of course, water is the ultimate vital beverage -- and you can spruce it up in a healthy way by making this fruit and vegetable infused water in mason jars . Parents who want a pick-me-up sans a trip to Starbucks can learn how to make a homemade organic vegan frappuccino without leaving the house, via our easy recipe . This frozen organic 'not-hot' chocolate makes for a sweet after dinner treat. And get off to the right start to your day with this vibrant green monster juice the whole family will drink up to good health.

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