All Things Fall! Festive Ways to Welcome Autumn


Sunday the 22nd marked the first day of fall! Pumpkins, apples, crisp weather, and changing leaves are just a handful of things we love about the colorful season. Celebrate fall with your kids by doing one or all of these 10 eco-friendly fall crafts together. If you or one of your kiddos is into needle felting, don't miss these three beautiful and affordable autumn inspired needle felting kits . Babies will look splendid while lessening their bum-print in gDiapers 2013 fall collection, which features bold colors and adorable designs . Dress little ones in the delightful attire and accessories in Oeuf's quirky and cozy Imaginarium fall 2013 collection . Learn how to create a simple nature table to bring the magic of autumn into your home. Cozy up under a blanket with a nice warm cup of homemade hot cocoa -- skip the prepackaged mixes and make your own organic, Fair Trade hot chocolate ! Nothing says fall like warm bread baking in the oven and the lovely aroma that ensues. Watch our video on how to make easy Waldorf style bread at home with your family . Then try your hand at baking up a delectable homemade, organic apple pie with butter crust. And have a blast with these 7 fun fall family activities that help save the planet .

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