Autumn Inspired Crafts that Celebrate Nature's Bounty


Colorful falling leaves at every turn are making the earth look like a masterpiece as Mother Nature unveils the autumn season. Make the most of nature's bounty by gathering your kids to make crafts using elements sourced from the great outdoors . Go for a nature walk to collect leaves and then make these animal alphabet cards, which are are both beautiful and educational. If you have an extrapumpkin from the patch, see our simple tutorial on how to turn a pumpkin into a flower vase. Another crafty idea for your excess gourds and squash: use them to make unique candles to provide ambiance at your Thanksgiving table. You won't be at a loss forrecalling autumn memories in a simple glance with thesefall memory jars.Embrace the cool breezes of the season by celebrating them with ahomemade recycled wind chime. Bring the outdoors into your home decor by making a nature mobile and by creating an autumn nature table . Cozy up as a family to make all of these crafts and don't forget to sip on one of these five healthier holiday-inspired drinks from vegan eggnog to easy mulled cider .

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