How to Make a Hair Barrette Holder


How to make a hair barrette holder

Supplies you will need:

empty oatmeal container
two pieces of felt
construction paper

Step 1

Take an empty oatmeal container and cut the bottom end to about 3 to 5 inches in height depending on how tall you want your hair barrette holder to be. Place the lid aside for later.

Step 2

Cut felt so it will fit the length and height of your container. Measure the bottom of the oatmeal container for length and height you will need. Glue the fabric to the inside of your container.

Step 3

Glue the construction paper to the outside of your container


Step 4

Cut yarn to make the hair for the container. Glue in place. Tie ribbon around the hair.

Step 5

Cut a circle the size of your lid out of a piece of paper. Have your child draw a face on the container and glue the paper to the lid. Place the lid on the hair case.

Step 6

Add a piece of string to the back of the container so that it can be hung on the wall. Or you can nail it directly to your wall if you would like.

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