How to Make a Wrap Style Baby Sling

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FREE $1000 Visa Gift Card Offer Expiring Soon

Yesterday I came across this site where they are giving away $1000 Visa gift cards. You can use thes...

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Make your own baby sling

We added pockets to our baby wrap to make an easy, but practical baby sling. Follow the directions below to make your own.

Step 1Measure out your fabric. You will need 7 yards by 1/2 yard. You will need quite a bit of fabric to make this sling. We chose white fabric, but you can use any fabric you would like. Fold the fabric in half and mark the center with pins. You will need this to help place your pockets evenly. Step 2Make your pocket. We made our pocket 16 inches tall and 10 inches wide. Cut out your choice of fabric to these dimensions and sew a seam along the top of the pocket.   Step 3Place your pocket about 3 inches to the left of the center of the fabric (where you placed the pins in step one). Fold the fabric under and then sew in place to form your pocket. Make sure you leave the top with the seam open and unsewn. Step 4 Repeat the above placing the second pocket 3 inches to the right of the center of the fabric.

Step 5Fold your fabric in half lengthwise and cut the ends in a tail shape to make narrower ties for your wrap. If you fold it lengthwise this saves you time and you can cut both ends at the same time. Step 6Fold and pin fabric to sew a seam along the edges.

(An alternative if you are someone who has difficulty making nice seams is that you can use double the width and sew it as you would a pillow . The sling will be a bit heavier, but it will still work the same.)

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