Knitting Projects for Parents & Kids to Create Memorable DIY Keepsakes

By Inhabitots

There's no better keepsake gift than one you make with your own hands, and knitting is a wonderful way to create, unwind and foster a sense of achievement and pride in a job well done. Here we highlight several knitting projects -- some of which you can knit for your kids, and some that children can do themselves -- learning how to knit as part of the process. Threadfollower's eco-friendly hand-stitching project kits come complete with everything you need to bring a sweet little pocket-sized animal to life. Fashion your very own adorable cottontail rabbits with this all-inclusive needle felting kit. Who needs Santa's elves when you can make your own toys? Danger Crafts' knitting patterns and kits enable you to turn beautiful organic yarn into sweet, sustainable toys for your kiddos. Kids as young as age 5 can knit via this Knitty Kitty kit from The Original Tree Swing. The kit includes kid-friendly instructions and images to help little ones learn the basic slipknot pattern to get knitting underway. Pay homage to your uterus, yes your uterus, by knitting this "cute, cuddly uterus doll." Click here to find a pattern and learn how to create a uterus yourself -- complete with fallopian tubes! We think these wool felted water bottle carriers are so cute and convenient, and they make it a cinch to tote a reusable water bottle while on the go. Grab the pattern and knit one up for yourself.

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