Lucky T-shirt: Freezer Paper and Bleach T-Shirt Tutorial

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FREE $1000 Visa Gift Card Offer Expiring Soon

Yesterday I came across this site where they are giving away $1000 Visa gift cards. You can use thes...

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By JustMommies staff

Want to make sure your kiddo doesn’t get pinched this year? Send her off to school in this adorable lucky t-shirt! Lucky T-shirt tutorial inspired by

Make this t-shirt in just a few easy steps.

To make your lucky t-shirt you will need:

green t-shirt
freezer paper
spray bottle
paint brush
4 leaf clover stencil (or you can draw the 4 leaf clover freehand)

Lucky t-shirt Instructions:

Trace the stencil onto your freezer paper. Cut out the 4 leaf clover design and iron it onto your t-shirt.

Place something inside your shirt to protect the back of the shirt. A plastic grocery bag works well for this.

Now you’re ready to start the bleaching process. Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area, outside is best. Remember that you are working with bleach and it will stain.

Mix your bleach solution. Fill your spray bottle with half bleach and half water. Spray around the edges of your 4 leaf clover. To create a spattered look, hold the spray bottle further away.

Take your paint brush and dip it into your bleach solution. Go around the edge of the clover to create a thicker border. Then, if desired add some additional lines and patterns using your paint brush.

Leave the bleach on the t-shirt until it reaches the desired color. The longer you let it sit, the more bleached out it will look.

Once your shirt looks the way you want it to, it’s time to rinse it. Remove your stencil and rinse your t-shirt in the sink using cold water (or your washing machine’s rinse cycle).

After you’ve rinsed your shirt well, put it in the washing machine through a cold wash/cold rinse cycle. Hang to dry or dry in the dryer before wearing.

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