Mother's Day Gift Idea: Inspiration Jar

If you’re looking for a clever gift idea for your mother or mother-in-law this year, take a look at this Mother’s Day inspiration jar.  It’s perfect for writers or anyone that wants to be inspired.  Inspiration Jar tutorial courtesy of

Here’s what you need to make this.

  • Jar (a thrift store find is perfect!)
  • Card stock paper (enough to make flower, stem, decorate jar, and have some left over to cut into pieces to fill the jar with)
  • Adhesive/glue
  • Scissors
  • Decorative notebook



Decorate the top of your jar with card stock cut and shaped into a flower.  Glue a decorated paper labeling the jar an “inspiration jar.”  Other ideas for decorating the jar include gluing dried flowers to it, or covering the lid with white card stock paper and painting or stenciling the lid.  Do whatever inspires you!

Once you have your jar designed, you can add your journal prompts.  Think carefully about your prompts.  If you’re giving it to your mother, write down prompts of things that you remember doing together – like camping trips, trips to the zoo, baking cookies together, etc.  If you are giving this to a brand new mom, you might want to include things like “baby’s first foods”,  “bath time fun”, or “first trip to the park”.

Other ideas:  If the mother you will be giving this to is into scrapbooking, exercising, cooking, or any other hobby, you can still give her an inspiration jar.  Fill the jar with scrapbook ideas, motivational quotes, or recipe ingredients to inspire her.

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