A Roarin' Round-Up of Dinosaur Toys, Crafts & Decor

By Inhabitots

Dinosaurs are definitely at the top of the "cool" list for kids. With their larger than life legendary tales (and tails!) and gigantic statures, what wee one wouldn't be awestruck by these remarkable creatures from a bygone era? Behold their awesomeness by bringing dinosaurs into your child's world via toys, decor and clever crafts. The cheeky and whimsical image shown above, of a dinosaur pondering teatime, was captured by photographer Jeff Friesen, and would make a charming addition to a child's space. Bring some greenery into your kiddo's room by upcycling a dinosaur toy into a succulent planter. Lacking in craft skills? You can also buy a prehistoric planter that is sure to impress fans of the T-Rex. Little ones can hold history in the palm of their hands with eco-friendly and super fun dinosaur toys that are friendly but fierce! Dreams of riding the on the back of a dino may be realistically satisfied by taking a seat in this pop cork dinosaur chair. Tots can pretend they're paleontologists til their heart's content with this sweet wool felt play mat featuring dinosaurs galore atop their habitat. And kids can also tote their affinity for the extinct giants with a dinosaur print backpack from Ecogear. Roar on!

Image © Jeff Friesen

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