The Cutest DIY Dolls, Handmade Dolls Your Kids Will Love & A New Barbie Doll

By Inhabitots

Whether you're looking for a fun summer craft project or want the lowdown on the latest and greatest dolls, we've got you covered. Is your little Frozen fan mesmerized by Elsa and Anna? Then knit her/him these adorable flip dolls inspired by the popular Disney film ! If you or your older child want to take on a challenging and rewarding endeavor, see our tutorial on how to make beautiful Waldorf dolls from upcycled materials . This endearing World Family collections of dollhouse dolls are also crafted from repurposed materials. Kids can even have a doll to squeeze in the car with the Hugdoll, a seat belt positioner that promotes your child's safety . If you know a little one who will soon be a big brother or sister, these handmade babywearing dolls are a perfect gift! Etsy shop Cleo & Poppy designs cuddly and personable, one-of-a-kind handmade dolls for your unique kiddo. Remember Fraggle Rock? Well these Kamibashi dolls of your favorite Fraggles will remind you to "dance your cares away!" And have you seen the new Barbie doll designed to look like the average teen ? You tell us, how average is she, really ?

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