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Birth Control

How do hormone bcps work

I've done so much research and I can't find any specifics on how the hormones work on preventing pre...

JustMommies Welcome Center


Just wanted to see what the mommies are up to...

Spiritual Living


Hello ladies... Hello lurkers... It really saddens my heart that this board is not as lively as i...

JustMommies Welcome Center

Hi :)

I found this site a long time ago and forgot about it. I was browsing online today and found it agai...

Blended Families

Playing Your Role

Good day! I came here looking for support and advice in the area of my step kids and the involvement...

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Placemat Purse

Supplies needed to make this craft: » Read more

Magic Wand - Craft for Kids

To make this easy magic wand you will need: scissors straw ribbon glue glitter cardboard stapler This is a fun and easy craft for your child to do. It's perfect for a Halloween costume or a fairy princess themed party. » Read more

Leather & Chain Butterfly Necklace

silver open link chain (18in) butterfly charm red suede leather lace (25in) silver head pin craft glue round nose wire pliers scissors 2 small red beads clasp fixtures 3 split rings   » Read more

How to Make Your Own Nursing Necklace

What is a nursing necklace? A nursing necklace is a necklace designed for breastfeeding babies to play with while mom nurses. Once your baby gets to be a few months old, you may have problems with her pulling your hair, scratching you or pinching you. Nursing necklaces are great for distracting your baby while she nurses. They aren’t just for breastfeeding babies either! Bottlefeeding babies like them too. » Read more

How to Make Wine Glass Charms

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How to Make Personalized Candle Gifts From Ordinary Candles

By Chris White

If you are looking for a fun gift to make for any occasion, then personalized candle making may be something you would like to consider. There are many ways to make personalized candles, depending on how much time and money you are willing to spend. » Read more

How to Make Gel Candles - 11 Easy Steps

Do you love burning beautiful, scented candles? And do you know that you can easily make them yourself? It is exciting and not at all difficult. Here are 11 easy steps to creating unique candles that you can burn at home, give as gifts, or even sell. Materials for gel candle making You will need: » Read more

How to Make a Wrap Style Baby Sling

Make your own baby sling We added pockets to our baby wrap to make an easy, but practical baby sling. Follow the directions below to make your own. » Read more

How To Make A No Sew Fleece Blanket

By Sher Bailey Mom & Her Money

What you'll need: 1-2/3 yds. of print outerwear fleece 1-2/3 yds. of a solid outerwear fleece Tape measure » Read more

How to Make a Hair Barrette Holder

  How to make a hair barrette holder Supplies yo » Read more