Delicious, Kid-Friendly Recipes that Contain a Healthy (Hidden) Dose of Veggies!

By Inhabitots

While some parents boast that their kids happily devour bowlfuls ofquinoa and kale and wash them down with a spirulina shake, most of us havekids who shun veggies and are definitely picky about what they'll eat. It doesn't hurt to get crafty and sneak some extra nutrition into your child's food by disguising fruits and veggies in favorite recipes and dishes they'll happily devour . Such as these5 kid-approved recipes that contain hidden veggies! Blending up a pile of produce is always a surefire way to get your little ones to slurp their way to better health. Try these 7 organic vegetable and fruit smoothies kids are sure to enjoy . What kid doesn't like dessert? We have plenty of recipes to whip up delicious desserts that are actually packed full of protein, vitamins and essential nutrients . This decadent chocolate cake is made from vegetables ! These vegan chocolate chip cookie dough bites boast lots of protein thanks to their secret ingredient: chickpeas! This sensational raw chocolate pudding is made from avocados! And this sneaky vegan chocolate pudding contains pumpkin. And grab your ice cream cones because this creamy corn ice cream recipe is a winner too! Shhh, we won't tell!