Eco-Friendly Bookcases That Really Stack Up With Savvy Designs

By Inhabitots

Designer Shawn Soh's tree shaped bookshelf tells a story of its own. Kids can stack books in the nooks and crannies of the branches, making this tree spring to life with good reads. Artist Jamy Yang's "Creative Action for Forest" bookcase also boasts a lovely tree motif, which Yang hopes delivers the message to use recycled paper to create books, and to plant more trees to replenish forests. Nonjetable's Suspended bookcase has a classic, timeless aesthetic and is very versatile because it may be displayed horizontally or vertically, fixed to the wall above a desk, or freestanding. Also from Nonjetable: the Recto-verso bookcase which may be used as a room divider and features wipe board panels for kids to draw on. Koichiro Hoshino's Casaurus really goes above and beyond book keeping -- it is also a dinosaur shaped play structure with a built-in slide! This Woodland Happy Tree Bookshelf is filled with whimsical forest creatures that double as charming room decor. If you're looking for a vibrant and cheery bookshelf for your baby's nursery or child's bedroom, don't miss Birch Tree Kids' bookshelves which are as cute as they are functional. Happy reading!

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