Enchanting Eco Furniture Collections Designed Especially for Kids

By Inhabitots

A childhood bedroom is where dreams take flight , imaginations blossom, playtime abounds and good rest is vital. Furnishing your kid's space is both a fun and important task given the significance of this room in their developmental years. We've rounded up some of our favorite furniture collections that are thoughtfully designed with kids in mind. New to the scene is the RaFa-kids sustainable furniture collection launched by two architects turned parents . These classic designs will grow with your child . If you're in the market for bunk beds, look no further than these sustainably crafted Maine bunk beds that come in many configurations and a rainbow of colors ! Mathy by Bols beds for kids are certainly some of the coolest, cleverest sleep havens we've seen! Jump into a caravan bed for a snooze ! A family of three brothers crafts this thoughtfully handmade rustic furniture for babies and kids . You'd be hard pressed to find a more beautiful cradle than this masterpiece by Woodly. Check out their practical yet gorgeous Montessori floor beds as well. Furniture that grows with your child is a smart investment. Don't miss Casa Kids' Luna Crib which ingeniously converts to a toddler bed, twin bed and bunk beds ! Cedarworks playbeds are what dreams are made of! Kids won't argue about bedtime if they are retreating to one of these to fall into sweet slumber.

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