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Lets Talk Washing Machine Brands!

I know we've went over this a million times before but it's been at least a year or more and I want...

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idk. I guess i'll see what everyone else thinks. what about a thread that's just for prayer requests...

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The Secret Gift Inside your Child:

By Joanne Baum

If your child watches television and is able to talk, you are probably being inundated with your child’s requests for the amazing things being shown on television. Remember, those companies pay people large salaries to create those ads your child is falling for. They are well done. They are accomplishing their goal. But at what cost to you?
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The Power of Choice

By Elizabeth Pantley, author of Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling, Nagging and Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate

Would you like to get your kids to willingly cooperate? Stop the daily battles? Teach your kids valuable life skills? If your answer is Yes! Yes! Yes! then read on . . . » Read more

The Many Faces of Love: Staying Tuned to Your Child's Needs as They Grow

By By Anne Leedom

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Teaching Responsibility Through Natural & Logical Consequences

By Nancy Da Silva There’s the old saying, every action has a reaction. Slam the brake on your car, your car stops. Drink too much, you’ll get drunk. Cut your finger, it’ll bleed, etc. The universe is made up of a system of checks and balances that extend to the way humans behave as well. If you cut someone off in traffic, chances are you’ll get a very specific hand gesture in return.
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Teaching Children Independence and Responsibility

by Lori Radun Do you remember that phase in your child's life when all you heard was "I want to do it!"? You're in a hurry, and you want to help your child get dressed, but your two or three year old will have no part of that. You must wait for 15 minutes while she masters the socks and shoes. Your helpful child, at this age, wants to take out the trash, put away the silverware, bake cookies, and clean the bathroom. What on Earth happens to this independent child?
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Teach Kids to Turn It Off

(Excerpt from The Floppy Sleep Game Book by Patti Teel) Time that children spend watching television takes away from time that could have been spent creatively. It’s also a concern that the ready-made pictures on television may rob children of the ability to make pictures in their own minds. Many teachers are convinced that this accounts for many of their student’s reading difficulties. Children who don’t enjoy reading or find it difficult often have trouble “picturing” what they read.
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Slow Down and Enjoy the Magic of Summertime

By Patti Teel “Summertime, and the living is easy…” Summertime is in full swing. And I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it difficult to stick to a schedule and to buckle down and work. Perhaps childhood memories of long summer days spent at the neighborhood swimming pool have forever altered my cell memory—triggering an age-old urge to slow down the pace and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.
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Should I force my shy child to participate?

By Tina Bryson, Ph.D. I know what it’s like to have a shy child.  I have a picture of my son Ben at his friend’s four-year-old birthday party.  All of the children are gathered in a tight circle around a young woman dressed like Dora the Explorer.  All, that is, except Ben, who insisted on standing six feet away from the circle of not-so-shy kids.  It was the same when he was two and I took him to a music class.  While the other children sang and danced and itsy-bitsy-spidered their hands like crazy, my shy little Ben sat in my lap and refused to do anything more t
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Seven Ways to Ease Kids’ Anxiety When You Date

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Sassy Kids: What to Do When Your Kid Talks Back

If you talk to anyone who was a parent in an earlier generation, chances are they’ll tell you that kids are sassier and ruder today than they ever were in the past. Of course, kids were probably pushing the boundaries back then too, but the punishment was often swifter and harsher than many of today’s parents would offer. Still, there’s something to be said for the different standards of our time. Turn on any TV show aimed at teens or tweens and you’ll probably see young people speaking their minds and testing limits that would make your grandmother gasp.
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