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I need a kid-friendly side dish that sits well

We're having our annual pumpkin carving party this weekend and we provide food. I think I've deci...

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Needing support with IVF

hi! I am in my first round of IVF and I am looking for some support....

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Wedding favors

Did you give wedding favors to your reception guests? If so, how many guests did you have and ho...

Wedding Planning

A december wedding.

My bf and I are getting married on December 27 to give us enough time to prepare for joy of bundle t...

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Direction and Discipline; Be a Parent, Not a Pushover

By Maryann Rosenthal The truth is, there are a lot of wimpy parents. They don’t trust their own judgment. They treat their kids as if they are delicate crystal that might shatter with even the gentlest handling instead of fairly durable glassware that’s designed to hold up pretty well if not abused.
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Creating Healthy Boundaries in Stepfamilies

By Sally Sacks To have a healthy and happy stepfamily you must know the importance of boundaries. Stepfamilies are difficult and many fail, often because the children don’t get along at all. The children may not like a stepparent, or the parents own individual ability to deal with these problems is impaired, one sided or simply exhausted. All of these factors contribute to the toppling over of the stepfamily.
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Coping With a Difficult Former Spouse as You Co-Parent

By Michele Germain, LCSW Consider that this co-parenting situation with your former spouse is a spiritual test. The immediate goal is to resolve the current issue, but the ultimate goal is to walk away from any interaction no matter how unpleasant with a greater connection to your soul.
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Casual Remarks

An excerpt from: Hidden Messages: What Our Words and Actions are Really Telling Our Children By Elizabeth Pantley
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Bridging the Great Mom/Dad Divide

Babyproofing Your Marriage: How to Laugh More, Argue Less, and Communicate Better as Your Family Grows by Stacie Cockrell, Cathy O'Neill, Julia Stone.
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Battle Of Wills: Dealing With A Strong Willed Child

By Nancy Da Silva How many times have you heard this: “You can’t make me!” or if your child hasn’t reached the verbal stage yet, a shrieking, glowering tantrum certainly gets the same message across. You want them to do something and your child doesn’t want to do it. There’s also your child doing something he’s not supposed to and won’t listen as you tell him to stop. Either way, you’ve got one strong willed, stubborn child on your hands.
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Balance Your Roles: Partners vs. Parents

By Kathryn Sansone Author of Woman First, Family Always: Real-Life Wisdom from a Mother of Ten It's easy for parents today to get swept up in their children's lives.
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Avoiding the Switch Battle

What to Do If Your Child of Divorce Doesn’t Want to Go to the Other Parent’s House By DK Simoneau
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I’M OVERWHELMED' 5 Tips On How Parents Can Take Control Of Their Lives

Are you feeling overwhelmed being a parent? Do you want to feel more relaxed and empowered raising your child? Working parents, stay-at-home parents, visiting parents – it doesn’t matter which one you are because these days almost every parent feels overwhelmed by their daily day. Parents every day experience anxiety, stress and despondency because they feel as if they are losing control of their natural balance. The natural balance that once allowed them to walk, talk and chew gum slowly - all at one time!
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