Curative Downtime:Restorative Measures to Enhance the Healing Process

By JustMommies staff

*Factor in pain as a partner to eventual physical wholeness. Purpose to view pain as productive...expect it, work with it, and understand its function in your body.

*Understand that emotions will fluctuate day-by-day, sometimes hour-by-hour. If you've never undergone surgery before, there is no accurate way to gauge how your body will respond to anesthesia or to pain medications.

*Take the medication prescribed faithfully and seek special help for ongoing struggles. Remember, the body heals most effectively when it is not fighting against raging pain.

*Realize that lack of sleep can precipitate short-term depression-like symptoms. If you experience weepiness, emotional highs/lows, lack of energy, or hopelessness, consider yourself normal...for a sleep-deprived individual.

*Cultivate a "being" rather than "doing" mentality. Redefine purposeful activity and achievement as the ability to rest productively...knowing that the body has undergone tremendous stress and needs time to rejuvenate.

*Set aside non-essentials and make practical preparations. Organize your life today by anticipating your needs and that of your family's during those first post-surgery weeks.

*Plan on extended downtime. Every woman is unique in strength, health, and resilience; accept a reasonable timeframe given your particular level of health


About the Author:

Michele Howe is a book reviewer for Publishers Weekly,, Aspiring Retail and has published over 900 articles/reviews. She works as a manuscript critique editor for the Christian Communicator and writes on women's health issues for the Toledo Free Press, Monroe Journal,,,,, and Radiant among other publications. Howe has also published eight books for women including: Going It Alone: Meeting the Challenges of Being a Single Mom, Prayers for Homeschool Moms, Prayers for New and Expecting Moms, Prayers of Comfort and Strength, Prayers to Nourish a Woman's Heart, Successful Single Moms, and Pilgrim Prayers for Single Mothers.