How Nature Heals & Benefits Children

By Inhabitots

The great outdoors are dubbed "great" for myriad reasons, including the fact that nature has healing properties which may be especially beneficial for children. One dad made a must-see documentary in an attempt to re-brand nature and make going outside more appealing to kids so they'd prefer it to being stuck to a screen inside . Forest kindergartens where Mother Nature is the teacher in an outdoor classroom , are a wildly popular concept that we hope takes hold in many more locations across the world. Many parents think that putting aside playtime to push their kids to succeed academically is the right thing to do, but in actuality it may harm kids health as children need plenty of unstructured outdoor play to thrive . Did you know that studies show living around more trees equates to healthier babies and kids ? Additionally, playing in the grass may be the key to easing symptoms of ADHD . Playgrounds with natural elements offer more benefits for children than traditional parks , so look for awesome areas in nature such as this playground located in Brooklyn's Prospect Park that is made from salvaged trees . For ongoing enchantment, opt for this Swingrest which lets the whole family lounge in a swaying nest-like perch while basking in the great outdoors.

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