How to Turn Your Child's Sick Day into a Fun Day

By JustMommies staff

 Being stuck at home when you are sick is not a lot of fun for a child that is used to filling his or her day with dozens of activities. Not only do they feel lousy, they can also get pretty bored. In this situation it can be a good idea to come up with some activities that can help pass the time and keep their minds off of how they are feeling.

In this episode of The Possibility Shop, Courtney talks a bit about how to throw an art party for your aspiring Picasso. She then spends some time showing you how to use creative inventions to help save one child from a day of sniffles and sneezes. By using pictures of gizmos and gadgets found in magazines and newspapers, you can create a blueprint for a new and crazy invention. Watch as Courtney shows you how to work with cut-outs, glue, poster board, and a little bit of creative conundrum solving to help turn a dreary day into a fun one. Also, find out what Mixx does to create a roller coaster for small action figures...only in this episode of The Possibility Shop.