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By JustMommies

Many people believe mass vaccinations come with a conspiracy. There is big money to be made if you’re a shareholder in a pharmaceutical company who has a license for a vaccine that is mandated. Many people believe that lobbyists and special interest groups along with high ranking political figures are involved with requiring a vaccine. With healthcare being the business that it is, if this were true, how do you convince people that their best interests are being maintained and not over taken by greedy individuals?

In any regard, the vaccine debate rages on and will continue to do so.

Many parents just plain have a fear of them. Other parents are fearful of those who do not vaccinate.

While the creation and use of vaccines have made it possible for most of us to never have to experience the pain and distress of diseases, it’s important for people to understand that vaccines do not come with a guarantee. Just because you are fully vaccinated does not mean you are incapable of acquiring a disease. Vaccines help prevent-it does not mean they do.

It’s also important to remember that some children do experience adverse reactions from vaccines, as noted from information provided by VAERS. Those reactions are real to the people that they affect. It’s quite possible that more serious reactions occur then are actually documented, as there is no way of knowing how compliant health care providers are with reporting events. It’s also not known how many parents report adverse reactions. Many parents may just accept the events as normal and assume what their child is presenting is what should be expected.

By law, doctors are required to provide information regarding vaccines prior to administering them so that parents can make an informed consent. Doctor’s can/have/will refuse to keep children as patients if their parent refuse to vaccinate them. There is no universal form provided to parents that describes all potential risks and possible reactions to vaccines.

Some of the ingredients of vaccines can cause an allergic reaction. When vaccinating a newborn, there is no way of knowing what they are allergic to and how the vaccine will react. “Extreme” reactions are rare, but they do occur. When a severe reaction is estimated at 1 in 100,000, it may seem small, but tell that the 1.

In closing, there is a myriad of information both for and against vaccinations. It’s nearly impossible for one person to weed through and find pure facts. Both sides of the debate have valid points but they also have the ability to “scare” people into believing their side. For the most part, vaccines are safe and the best public health measure since clean water. Vaccines, however, are not for everyone. We all want what’s best for our children, even if we can’t all agree on the same methods.

The best decision is the informed one.


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