Yoga in the News & Incorporating Yoga into Your Family’s Life

By Inhabitots

Thankfully, the ancient practice of yoga continues to make headline news in modern-day society. We are huge fans of yoga, and our guide to 7 therapeutic and rejuvenating yoga stretches for parents is a great intro to yoga for newbies. Coming soon to the front lines are these evolved new army soldier toys called Yoga Joes, who swap guns for yoga mats to become peaceful action figures . Children with special needs are reaping benefits from the healing practice of yoga at a center called Prafull Oorja. If you want your kids to experience the awesomeness of Asanas,learn how to get your children excited about yoga. If yoga was offered at your child's school, would you protest the practice like some parents did in the case of yoga being added to the curriculum? How cute would your little yogi look in these sweet yoga pants that are adorned with zen giraffes ? Namaste!