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The Mommy Lounge

Help please, didnt know where to post. please read

I have no idea where to post this. My husband and I have been through alot in our 7 years married and 10 together. Im 25 and he is 28 ex military. We have 2 children. Our son lives with us and our daughter just had to live with her nana for a bit. Okay im horrible at this and tend to ramble so please bare with me. For a 3 year time we separated due to problems, had our bad relationships to go with those years. After praying for help from God to help me on my path he lead us back toget...

The Mommy Lounge

Looking for a family organizer app

Hi all, First post here, I was looking for an app that can share event, list and picture with the family, any suggestion? So far I've seen Cozi, Hub and Family Wall. Has anyone use any of these? I am mainly looking for event that can sync with my local calendar. Best, Helen...

The Mommy Lounge

Former Illuminati member speaks about breaking free from cult

Svali was a programmer for the Illuminati whose job was to brainwash people to make them work for the cult for free. After leaving she wrote about their plans, beliefs, practices, how they program people, and most importantly how to help people who were programmed. After she left she spent a year undoing her own brainwashing, then she used her knowledge to get her children out of the cult. When her husband saw that she made it out alive, he joined her. This document is well-written and articulat...


The Poker Family | Poker Blog | The Princess Of Poker

The poker community is well knit. They are affectionate and respect each other without intruding on anyone’s space. The best part about it is that in no time you can find yourself to be one of them. Once the game sets into rhythm, you will find yourself discussing a good hand, or chuckle about nuts in the chat, consoling someone over the disastrous flop or river and evolving wicked deceptive tells only to cool down with a mug of beer later on. The game is intoxicating and rewards well!...

Moms of Infants

gtky - 05.18

Do you have any family birthdays in May? Anyone that's born on the same date or close together? We have my Dad on the 27th... and my cousin is the 19th.. I think that's it though :lol:...

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6 Fun & Easy Exercises to Do with Your Kids

With the alarming (and climbing) rate of childhood obesity in the United States, it's more important than ever that parents model healthy behaviors for their children. Being a fit family doesn't mean you have to drag your kids to the gym or put them on a diet. In fact, living a lifestyle of movement
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Can Diet Changes Help with ADHD?

When you're living with a child who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you already know that each day has its own challenges and rewards. How you deal with your child's ADHD is a very personal decision. Choosing to medicate or not medicate can be controversial, but no matter which side
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7 Reasons Not to Get Your Tubes Tied

By JustMommies staff

Approximately 10 million women in the United States have had tubal ligation, commonly known as having their tubes tied-- as a permanent form of birth control since the 1960s, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics. This makes it the second
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Power Your Busy Days with Protein (Sponsored)

By Sponsored by V8

Brought to you by V8 We're all familiar with those days where it's difficult to squeeze in balanced meals, or any meal at all. Between running errands and keeping the kids on schedule, we are all in need of a grab and go snack to get us through the day. But, we're all guilty of grabbing quick and unhealthy
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A Healthy Breakfast is a Glass Away (Sponsored)

By Sponsored by Milk Life

Brought to you by Milk In a world where we are constantly on the go, we all need a quick solution to getting our necessary nutrients without it being a headache. That's why starting your day off with a glass of milk is your new solution to fulfilling your bodies daily needs. Milk is the top food source
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Dentist Anxiety: How to Ease Your Child’s Fears

Nearly 75 percent of adults are afraid of the dentist, so it should come as no surprise if your child is terrified too. True "dental phobia" is so paralyzing that 5-10 percent of people never go to the dentist. This is an issue because a number of health issues can stem from poor dental health, including
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Birth Control after Childbirth

You just gave birth and amid all the new mom things you have going on, the last thing on your mind is having another baby. However, birth control after childbirth is an important subject to have covered, or you could very well find yourself having your next baby sooner than you'd planned. It's important
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Growing Pains in Kids

By JustMommies staff

You may remember having pains in your legs at night and your parents telling you, "oh, you're just having growing pains." Not every child experiences growing pains, but most of us have heard the term growing pains before. Are these pains really from growing and how do you know if your child is experiencing
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A Visitor From the Future Brings an Important Message (Sponsored)

By JustMommies member

Brought to you by got milk? If you could visit yourself as a kid, what message would you bring? In this video from got milk?, a woman from the future advises herself as a little girl to start drinking milk for some absurdly entertaining results. Although a simple sip of milk won’t earn your kids a
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6 Diet Tips for Kids Who Need to Gain Weight

Everywhere you look these days, it seems like the spotlight is on overweight kids. Childhood obesity is a growing concern, particularly in the U.S. It's a much-discussed topic among parents, doctors, health experts, teachers and everyone in between. While overweight kids will face a number of health
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