Gearing Up for the Dog Days of Summer With Inhabitots' Favorite Canine-Related Stories

By Inhabitots

The sultry dog days of summer are nearing, so we've rounded up Inhabitots' favorite canine-related stories! If you live in a locale where temperatures continue to drop at night during the summer months, check out our story on how to make sweaters out of your dog's fur. Thinking of adding a four-legged friend to your family? Be sure to check out these 8 questions to ask before adopting a dog. Whether you're out walking your dog or your kids like to approach dogs when out and about, here's a quick lesson in dog safety that can help prevent dog bites. If you love dogs but adopting a pooch isn't in the cards, consider propping up one of Marc Tetro's puppy pop-outs as cute canine decor. Does everyone in your family constantly lose socks and gloves? Don't render the pair obsolete -- instead upcycle strays into adorable plush puppies via Miyako Kanamori's DIY craft books. Artist Amelia Santiago creates amazing lifelike miniature versions of your beloved pet using 100% wool felt in her pet portrait sculptures. Robert Bradford impresses with his recycled toy dog sculptures that are chic and cheery. Star Wars fans and dog lovers will be delighted by Katie Mello's hilarious AT-AT costume for dogs.

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