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Natural Family Planning and FAM

NFP Method

For a variety of reasons, I went off the hormonal birth control pill about 3 months ago. I was on it...

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Get Pregnant Now: 12 Ideas to Help You Get Pregnant Right Away

You may have heard that you have a 20-25 percent chance of conceiving during any given menstrual cyc...

JustMommies Welcome Center

New Here. :)

Hi ladies. New here. Found this site while doing a Google search for forums. Figured I would join yo...

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What To Do When You're Not Getting Pregnant

Let's face it, getting pregnant is not always as easy as it sounds. As many stories as you have hear...

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The Super Mom Syndrome-Are You A Super Mom?

The Super Mom Syndrome has evolved over the past few decades and is now becoming a real issue for ma...

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Solar-Powered Innovations that Help & Inspire Kids Around the World

By Inhabitots

We're always impressed by the innovative solar-powered designs that we come across, and since the summer sun's blazing rays are out in full force, we've got solar power on the brain. » Read more

The Cutest DIY Dolls, Handmade Dolls Your Kids Will Love & A New Barbie Doll

By Inhabitots

Whether you're looking for a fun summer craft project or want the lowdown on the latest and greatest dolls, we've got you covered. » Read more

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained at Home for the Lazy Days of Summer

By Inhabitots

Summer is in full swing -- and it's time to unwind and have fun bonding with your children. » Read more

Tips on How to Green Your Summer Picnics and Barbecues

By Inhabitots

Tis the season for firing up the BBQ and laying out blankets to have an outdoor picnic in the summer sunshine! There are myriad ways you can make your alfresco cooking and dining experiences more eco-friendly. » Read more

Father's Day Gifts & Recipes for Dear Ol' Dad

By Inhabitots

Father's Day is this Sunday! Celebrate dad by making this totally unique DIY Father's Day photo book starring none other than pop himself! Does dad like keeping his kiddos close to his vest -- literally? » Read more

Nontoxic, Reusable Water Bottles for the Whole Family, Dozens of Options for Toddlers to Adults

By Inhabitots

Summer is around the corner, which means warmer temps and the increasing need tostay hydrated while soaking up the sunshine duringoutdoor playtime and » Read more

Incredible & Inspiring Kids Who are Making the World a Better Place

By Inhabitots

Most days it seems we're bombarded with bad news -- so when we learn about inspiring kids who are doing all they can to make the world a better place , we love sharing their stories. » Read more

Raise a Glass to Summertime With Delicious, Hydrating Drink Recipes for the Whole Family

By Inhabitots

Summertime is almost here -- and while it's always important to stay hydrated, hot weather presents even more of a threat for dehydration. Read our 7 delicious ways to keep kids hydrated this summer. » Read more

Inhabitots' Green Book Reviews from the Celebrity Parenting Genre to Awesome Cookbooks

By Inhabitots

Busy parents have a hard time carving out time to read books, so this week we're sharing some of our favorite book reviews to take the guesswork out of which works to add to your collection. » Read more

Swing into Spring with these Delightful Swings & Swaying Tents

By Inhabitots

After a long, dreary winter, there's nothing like taking in the fresh air outdoors come spring. This season we were especially enthusiastic about the change of seasons, so much so that we wanted toswing right into spring -- literally. » Read more