Help Kids Learn Their ABCs With Alphabet Inspired Decor, Toys, Furniture & More

By Inhabitots

As parents, it feels like we sing the Alphabet Song on continuous repeat from newborn diaper changes through preschool. While we're fans of the catchy melody, sometimes we like to play a different tune by incorporating the ABCs into decor, games, bedding, toys and furniture, to really make learning the ABCs a creative lifestyle. You can outfit your tyke's room in letters galore with Kent and London's sustainable alphabet drawers -- kids can learn s is for socks and c is for crafts by organizing their gear according to each letter. This organic typography bedding features Arne Jacobsen's stylish stroke, and will help kids remember their ABCs alongside catching some ZZZs. And these organic cotton alphabet wall quilts feature all things aquatic and will mesh perfectly with nautical and sea-inspired spaces. LEGO lovers will be sent into orbit over Mark Anderson's LEGO alphabet spaceships. Instead of buying the run of the mill plastic alphabet magnets for your fridge, opt for a greener version in this colorful array of no-plastic letter magnets. Babies can sink their teeth into learning their letters (literally) with adorable handcrafted, personalized wooden alphabet teethers. In additions to learning letters, Petit Collage's alphabet cards also teach kids about animals or forms of transportation. And there's no shortage of alphabet themed toys and games for kids. Check out Plan Toys' A-Z game for tots, Apple n Amos' wooden memory game, gorgeous Eames House alphabet blocks, and a super fun game based on alphabet soup!

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