Bat Costume

Supplies needed for bat:

  • a pair of black sweats
  • black shiny material(2 yards)
  • scissors
  • velcro- black

How to make bat costume

1- Measure the material so that it matches up with the sleeve of the top. Cut to fit,should cut into a triangle. You want it big enough so you can attach it to the sleeve and back of shirt.

2- Now scallop the edges to look wing like.

3- Use velcro to attach the wing on or sew it on. You can use sticky-back velcro if you want to have removable wings.Make sure to attach to the back of the top

4- You can also make bat ears with the material and cardboard. Cut the cardboard into a half oval.Make 2.

5- Cover these up with the material. Attach to a black ribbon using glue or even staples. Tie the ribbon around the Bat's head.

6-Have your little Bat dress in the pants and top. Your Bat is done.

About the author: Michelle Waite is a wife and mom of two boys. She enjoys making crafts and has written many crafting articles online.

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By dipty58 on 10/10/12 at 11:23 am

Awsome and useful

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